SW-SSA Information

Southwest Self Storage Advisors have owned and operated self storage facilites since 1991. The list to the right is a list of all the properties we have owned and operated during that time. At this point in time we only own two properties, we sold most of our properties between 2003 and 2006. Although we enjoy the self storage business, we believed at the time that valuations were extremely agressive and that it was time to realize some very large equity gains we had acheived. It is our hope that as demand for these properties decreases, we will be in a position to get back into more properties that have a brighter long term future than the we in before.
Real Estate Brokerage

The designated broker for SW-SSA is Jeff Cain. In addition to his self storage experience, Jeff has been facilitating self storage transactions since 1999. He has been involved in over 20 closed self storage transactions. Having an experienced self storage veteran like Jeff Cain assisting you with your purchase or disposistion of self storage investment properties is a significant benefit to all of his clients. Jeff has assisted many first time purchasers of self storage properties and really enjoys helping others to realize their investment goals.

Properties that have been owned and operated by SW-SSA

Grand Ave Mini Storage

American Mini Storage

Cave Creek Mini Storage

Deer Valley Mini & RV Storage

Deer Valley Self Storage

Strong Box Mini Storage

West Glendale Self Storage

The Storeroom Mini Storage

Anchorage Mini Storage